Our Network Marketing Journey – But I’m Not a Saleswoman!

Susan and Carol Selling Rocks-001

Selling was not new to me.  I started at age six.  My parents set-up a table with two chairs on the sidewalk in front of our house where I sat with my little sister Susan colouring rocks, which we had picked from our garden, and were now hoping to sell.  One man stopped by to look at our art work and asked if we had change for $5. Unfortunately we didn’t, so we lost the sale.

When I was a little older I went door to door in our neighborhood selling magazine subscriptions and greeting cards until a boy a lot bigger and older than me threw them on the ground and discouraged, I ran home crying.

A few years later I was back knocking on doors, this time selling ads at a penny a word for the monthly neighborhood newspaper which my girl friend Andrea and I had started. Camera sales were next, which I pursued while in university and during my 20’s, so that I could stay closely involved with my interest in photography.

During these early life experiences, I never thought of myself as a sales girl, just someone following her interests to earn some money.

When I graduated from university, confronted with the question of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, my interests led me out of the sales field.  Photographer, journalist, instructor and artist were the identities I began to proudly wear.

It wasn’t until more than 20 years later when I was at a crossroad in my life, looking at career options, that I came smack up against a societal stigma surrounding sales, which I didn’t know I had internalized.  When Jim and I were contemplating becoming network marketers for the first time, all these monster images of sleazy, pushy, dishonest, unethical, fast talking and insincere people began to surface. Big internal conflict presented itself in me.

We had just been introduced to a very impressive company with an inspiring philosophy, remarkable and effective wellness product line, and an opportunity to earn a good income while maintaining the freedom I so valued.  The fact that this company had chosen the network marketing business model, which offered residual income, is what made this all possible.  I learned pretty quickly however, that the sales stigma and the stigma that surrounded network marketing were part of the package and I was going to have to deal with it if I wanted the rewards.

This is part of a series, Our Network Marketing Journey: https://businessintegrity.wordpress.com/blogs-2/our-network-marketing-journey/

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