Wellness – What are the Basics?

Healthy Life

Some of the ingredients for a healthy life

We know what’s good for us when it comes to our health. Or do we?   Well, we learned the basic guidelines to good health didn’t we? Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, get plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and see your medical doctor, eye doctor and dentists for regular check-ups. We were taught to follow these guidelines and we’ll live a long, healthy life.  That’s what being proactive about our health meant. That seems simple enough.  Or is it? It seems as if there are more questions today than answers.

New information, research studies and expert opinions are continuously being published about what we should or shouldn’t do when it comes to our health and well-being.

Here are some of the questions to help sort through the overload of information:


  • What does it mean today? to you?
  • Why is this important for your health?
  • What if you don’t always eat well? What happens?
  • We hear more and more about these diets, how are you able to sort through them and find the right one for you?
  • Zone
  • Blood type
  • High protein
  • Low protein
  • Low carbohydrate
  • Vegetarian
  • Macrobiotic
  • Ayurvedic
  • Raw
  • Slow Food diet
  • 100 mile
  • Paleo
  • Atkins
  • Traditional Asian
  • Vegetarian
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Weight loss
  • Vegan
  • Glycemic-Index
  • Gluten free
  • Acid Alkaline


  • What’s the importance of sleep for your health and well-being?
  • The emphasis has always been on amount. What about quality?
  • What is a good night, quality sleep?
  • What if you can’t sleep at all, or very little, then what?
  • What do you do?
  • Besides being tired the next day, what effect is this having on your health?


  • Why is fresh air so important for our health?
  • How much is plenty?
  • What if we’re stuck in an office or vehicle all day, how much does the quality of air in the office or on the highway affect us?


  • Why is exercise so important for our health and well-being?
  • How much is plenty?
  • What kind of exercise?
  • What if we don’t exercise at all?
  • What if we skip days, weeks, months? How does that affect our health and well-being?


  • Does coffee and tea count?
  • Does it matter which water we drink?
  • What is the best water to drink? Why?
  • When should we drink it?
  • Does drinking water with meals count?


  • How can we work with both the conventional medical system and alternative healers (e.g. naturopathic doctors, acupuncturist, herbalist, chiropractor)  so everyone’s on the same page?



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3 Responses to Wellness – What are the Basics?

  1. Snarky Momma With says:

    Thank you for sharing your list and advice of the basics of health with me. I appreciate that you took the time to have us think about them so we would consider our health as well as our business.

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  2. This is great. I would be interested in the answers to these questions! Haha. You mentioned ‘does coffee and tea count?’ (towards water intake) I know coffee doesn’t, but does plain tea? A lot of these questions have occurred to me, and if you could include an answer series, focusing on each category, I think that would be a wonderful addition to your blog! Best of luck, and thanks for these questions!

    Liked by 1 person

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