When your Body Speaks, Do you Listen?

Listen to your body

It is so common to hear people, and maybe even ourselves, speak about a cold or flu bug or virus that is going around.  Then when we are not feeling well we say that we have come down with or caught a bug. As a society, we have the belief that illness is something that we catch, that it is something that happens to us, from the outside in, and that we have to be very careful not to catch it.

Have you considered how much control you have over whether you come down with a cold, flu or more serious illness or disease? Do you think it is a fluke whether or not you get sick?  Or do you see a relationship between how you are thinking and feeling about yourself and your life, the amount of energy you have, how stressed you are and how well you feel and how healthy you are?

Have you considered the idea that illness is our body’s way of attempting to get our attention?  That it is our body’s way of sending us a message that we are out of balance and that it wants us to make some changes in our life?

Our body is speaking to us all the time.  It tells us when we are hungry and tired.  We are familiar with those messages.  Do you pay attention to them?  If so, how do you read the messages?  Do you interpret them to mean that any food, even food empty of nutrients, and a little more sleep will do?  Or do you understand these messages to mean that your body is asking for real nourishment and rest and wants you to feed it food rich in nutrients and give it quality sleep?

What about the messages our body sends us when we are working too hard and we feel fatigued and stressed and are not having much fun.  Do you recognize these messages?  Do you listen to them?  What about the messages our body gives us when we are feeling lonely or feeling too much pressure?  Do you listen to those messages?  Or do you wait until your body is sick before you listen to the messages it is sending you?

“Every illness, no matter how slight, should cause us to ask the question ‘What am I doing in my life that Nature’s design in the unconscious wants me to get out of doing because I really…should be doing something else instead – something that is good for me because it is more consistent with my true nature…’ Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. Peace, Love & Healing.

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2 Responses to When your Body Speaks, Do you Listen?

  1. Patti O says:

    Listening to our bodies is a MUST do. As a person recovering from Adrenal fatigue I am reminded when I ignore signals from my body. It is NOT happy when I dismiss signals. thank you for the reminder.


  2. alethamcmanama says:

    Great post, Carol! I believe if you can really hone in on your well-being and your health, you are less likely to catch colds and viruses. There is a sense of if you really believe you are going to get sick, then you’re going to get sick! I don’t always listen to the messages that my body sends, but this is a good start for me. I’m a middle-aged woman and it’s not good to ignore the signs of aging and the ailments that can accompany it.


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