Our first ASEA experiences

OUR INTRODUCTION TO ASEA                                                                                             In the Spring of 2013, Carol was on her way to San Francisco for a mini reunion of University friends and a business workshop. Our good friends Dr. Dick and Nancy Walker live in the Spokane, Washington area and since we like visiting with them, and Carol likes flying Southwest Airlines, she drove to Spokane.  In addition to Dick being a busy ER physician and a Healing Consultant, he and Nancy also run a large alpaca farm and Nancy has an alpaca store . Carol noticed quite a change in these extremely busy friends of ours on that visit.  Dick looked about 15 years younger in just the short 4 months since she had previously visited with them.  His beard was turning brown again and he had youthful energy.  Nancy’s skin looked really clear and more youthful and she told Carol that instead of being tired and feeling warn out all the time, which Nancy would complain about lots, she said she had lots of energy and was completing all her long to-do lists.

Carol asked them what they were doing differently?  They told her that they had been introduced by a physiotherapist friend of theirs to one of the newest wellness technologies available to the public, a bio-replenishment supplement that repairs cells.  They explained how it replenishes the redox signaling molecules in our cells, which decrease in production as we age.  These redox signaling molecules are important because they complete the communication necessary for the healing process of cells. Dick and Nancy had recently begun taking the supplement and were visibly experiencing great benefits.  

We became very curious about ASEA, the redox signaling supplement, that they were taking and so we started taking it ourselves.  Jim began to notice benefits right away.  He felt a change in his energy that reminded him of younger days.  Although it took Carol longer to notice benefits, which eventually included improved sleep and more sustained energy, people around her including Jim, noticed positive changes in her right away.  More recently we learned that if Carol had followed The Realistic Trial Period Regime that Dr. Walker now suggests and increased the recommended 4 ounces/day maintenance serving to 8 ounces for a period of time, she would have been more likely to have noticed the benefits sooner.   



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