ASEA – a Realistic Product Trial Period Regime

The ASEA Drink

If you are interested in “experiencing” the benefits of ASEA and to give your body the opportunity to see improvement, it is important to us, and hopefully to you as well, that we do not just sell you some ASEA so that you can “try” it for a week or two or a month. To be fair to the product, we have found from experience, that it’s important at the start to drink ASEA for a Realistic Trial Period Regime* of 3 – 4 months.

Taking into consideration this Realistic Trial Period Regime*, the easiest and most economical way to approach this trial period is to take advantage of the wholesale pricing and the option of purchasing one of the promo packs (e.g. four cases for a few dollars more than the price of three) which is available to distributors (small registration fee; no selling is required).  There are added benefits to taking this route while you are in this personal evaluative stage.

*Total ASEA recommended for first few months of a 3 – 4 monthTrial Period:

  1. Fill out Body Inventory from ASEA to monitor changes in body throughout the Trial Period
  2. Start with 4 oz/day for first week
  3. Increase to 8 oz/day beginning the second week and continue taking that amount through the trial period
  4. Consult with Dr. Dick Walker for assistance and support

The ASEA Renu28

The ASEA Renu28 (Redox Signaling Molecules skin gel) can bring profound changes in  approximately 28 days to notice profound changes.

See this Before and After presentation:


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